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When comedians get together they exchange their very best road stories. Vilmos has put together a collection of these stories that he has never shared on the radio, stage or in any public forum.

Track 1 - Tell Me A Joke
Vilmos is having a bad year when it comes to being pulled over. This is the story of the 15th time he was pulled over in one year.

Track 2 - Civilian in the Condo
When comedians work at a club they are housed at the comedy club's "Condo". There are specific and unspoken rules when it comes to "condo life". This is the story of the time when a comedian brought a "civilian" (the term for non-comedians) to stay in the condo.

Track 3 - HOG Rally
The first time Vilmos appeared at a biker rally the show went ... well ... not so well. This is the story of the first and only time people walked out on Vilmos during one of his performances.

Track 4 - A Letter From My Car
Being the "Road Dog" that he is, Vilmos puts some serious mileage on his vehicles. This is not an actual road story but the the letter that his trusted 1994 Honda Civic (the car that had been on every road gig he'd ever done) would have sent as the 500,000 mile mark was quickly approaching. >

Track 5 - I Terrorize the Police
Vilmos lived in a small town that had a small police force. He knew every policeman and they knew him. He particularly enjoyed harassing the Chief of Police.

Track 6 - Combat Comedy
What do you do when things go wrong in a club? Vilmos shares one of his more difficult shows and the surprising cause of the whole thing.

Track 7 - The Paper Incident
Most of the time, comedians get along. Every once in a while there can be issues. Especially when one comic disrespects another.

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